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Visual Art Exhibition

Our Art and Multi-Media students have just started working on their exhibition artworks. We're amazed by their creativity and proud of them trying a whole range of new skills - woodwork, game design, video, and collaborating as a team.

Join our courses to design and create a series of artworks with the theme Play, and work together as a team to create a large-scale art installation at the HK Academy for Performing Arts. There will also be an exclusive opening event highlighting our students' achievements.

Art Foundation
2 - 3.5 years

An introduction to the world of visual arts! Explore arts and crafts through diverse art techniques and media, and strengthen your fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

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Art Portfolio 1 - 4
3 - 12 years

Our well known core art programme, where students develop creativity and original ideas by using many important skills including drawing, painting, modelling, sculpting, and printing. This course also give students a solid background in art history and knowledge about different artistic approaches.

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Multi-Media & Design
6 - 12 years

Combine traditional art techniques with technology, and create stunning digital art projects and skills hat are also very useful for school assignments. Explore different media techniques, including animation, film making, podcasting, and graphic design.

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