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Why go to Playgroup?

Wendy Ip, Director of Kids’ Gallery and qualified kindergarten teacher, explains why children should go to Playgroup …

Children go through a stage of rapid brain development during their early years, and for maximum development, they need a stimulating environment to play and learn in.

Playgroup offers babies and toddlers a wide range of early learning experiences so that children can develop to their fullest potential from a young age.

Benefits of Playgroup:

  • Opportunity for playing and learning in a stimulating environment
  • An environment for social interaction
  • Building a child’s emotional confidence to become independent from an early age
  • Encouraging physical activity – enhancing gross and fine motor skills
  • Enhancing language development and communication
  • Supporting children to become ready for more formal learning environments

Playgroup allows parents to introduce their children to a range of activities that they may not do at home. It’s also a safe way to allow children to engage socially with other people, try new things, and learn about the world.

Our tailor-made and extensive range of sensory, physical, and creative play Playgroup activities enrich little ones’ first learning journeys. Kids’ Gallery focuses on the whole child – and the programme is scheduled accordingly, with each day having a special core focus:

  • Monday – CreativePlay™ (art and expressive play)
  • Tuesday – SensoryPlay (sensory experience)
  • Wednesday – Music and Movement (music and gross motor)
  • Thursday – ArtPlay® (arts and crafts)
  • Friday – BookStart™(storytelling and language)

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Once toddlers reach 2 years, the next stepping stone is our Ready for Schoolprogramme, suitable for 2-3 year olds. Here, pre-schoolers are transitioning to become independent learners, and building on the five main areas of development:

  • cognitive
  • social and emotional
  • fine/gross motor
  • speech and language
  • physical

At Kids’ Gallery, we understand the importance of selecting a fun and engaging environment which allows your child to develop and learn at their own pace, and we strive to achieve this through our qualified and caring teachers, and carefully designed activities.

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