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5 tips to master your audition

Are you trying out for an upcoming show? Whether you’re an expert or a newbie at auditions, it’s aways important to remind yourself of the key principles.

  • Preparation

Always prepare for an audition. At a musical theatre audition you will nearly always be expected to perform a short monologue and a song that shows off your voice. The panel will be far more impressed if these are memorised. Bring a backing track if it will enhance your performance

  • Appearance

Always look neat. Wear all black – it’s is a neutral colour, and this helps the panel to visualise you in any character role. The panel wants to see your facial expressions so keep your hair out of your face

  • Etiquette

Be punctual. If you’re running late, you’ll just feel more nervosu. Smile and introduce yourself

  • Confidence

Walk through the door with your head held high (and don’t shuffle your feet!)

  • Personality

Let your personality shine through – creative, energetic, and curious performers are the most highly sought-after

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