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Top 5 ways to save the planet with your child!

What better lesson can we teach our children than to care for our home and planet? Even very young children can join in recycling, taking care of their things, and not wasting food and resources. Tracy Scheepers, K3 teacher at Mills International Preschool, shares her ideas for how you can encourage your children to play their important part …

With global warming affecting us, our oceans filling with plastic, and our natural resources dwindling, we should all do something to protect our world for future generations. Try these five tips with your child:

  1. Don’t waste water. Fill a cup with water when your child brushes their teeth and show them how much water they can use when brushing. Remind them not to leave the tap running when brushing their teeth

  2. Get planting. Create a small vegetable garden in a pot. By doing this you can have fun planting different seeds and encourage your child to take care of the plants, water them, and watch them grow

  3. Turn off lights. By reminding your child to turn off lights when they are not in use or turn the TV off when they are not watching will save electricity (and money too!)

  4. Recycle. Separating different items into categories in your home can prove to be a lot of fun and will teach your child about different materials including which can be recycled and which cannot. Contact a recycling company and see where you can drop off your stuff to be reused – bring your child with you so they can see the whole process

  5. Say “No, thank you.” Start getting into the habit of not using plastic bags and straws when you are shopping or out for a meal. Bring your own instead and tell your child why you don’t want another piece of plastic

It’s our kids’ future world, so let’s encourage them to look after it!