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Winter Wonderland 2017

One of our parents and a keen audience member at Winter Wonderland shares the true meaning of performance with us …
Whilst frantically getting things checked off my to-do list for the festive season, watching the Kids' Gallery Winter Wonderland production is always one of my favourite top-10 items. It’s a production so true-to-the-heart that it reminds you that Christmas is just around the corner.

As a parent you take pride in everything about the production for various reasons. First and foremost is to see your 4-year-old child not only achieving better pitch in his singing but also remembering all of his lines and where he should be standing on stage without prompting – this is in itself amazing. Thank you, Kids’ Gallery, for being so thoughtful too in preparing YouTube video demonstrations of the songs the children will be performing beforehand – a great help to busy parents who always wish to do more to prepare their children! Second, a production so honest that there are no cover-ups or hiccups – when a child or two forgets their lines or misses an action in their delivery, the reaction from the other characters on stage is often to give him a nudge with their tiny elbows, whispering the correct words in his ear, or pulling him quickly to the right place he should be standing in … isn’t this the true meaning of a children’s theatre production? Where there are limited prompts and adult participation on stage, and where children are placed in a safe environment to overcome their own challenges and difficulties – be it stage-fright, separation anxiety from parents, or simply being mesmerised into forgetfulness by the bright lights and large audience. Last, you will always find yourself part of a supportive audience – it surprises me how in unison the audience always is when we all hold our breath until a child finds his next words or we help in covering up a silence with a lot of clapping and cheers!

This explains why the lovely pictures taken by the Kids' Gallery team at the Winter Wonderland production always make it to the family photo album – a wonderful reminder of not only how much our child enjoyed the experience, but also a great record of how our little munchkin is growing into an independent, confident, wise young man.