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Halloween costume ideas!

It’s that time of year again! And there’s one question in your head … How are you going to dress your child for the Halloween party?

We’re here to share some cool outfit ideas that don’t take much time to prepare but definitely look fabulous and special for all kinds of parties!

’80s aerobic queen

All you need is a ballet leotard, colourful leggings and socks, a headband, plus an off-the-shoulder over-size T-shirt (no ’80s look is complete without cutting up the T-shirt!)

Robber or mime artist


Which one do you prefer? All you need is a striped T-shirt plus a pair of black pants – you probably have these items in your closet already.

Sushi, anyone?

Yes, please – especially when sushi is this cute! This simple costume idea will definitely impress everyone. All you need is a white bodysuit, a dark green fabric sash, and a small pillow covered in orange for salmon, or red if you prefer tuna!


No hassle – all you need is a red bandana, and strike a pose!

Happy Halloween, everyone! Join in the spooktacular fun at our Autumn Workshops, which include art, performances, magic, and lots more ...