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Why dance? Why not?!

Claire Johnson, Head of Dance @ Kids’ Gallery, artistic director, dancer, and choreographer, shares her passion

In this increasingly competitive age where children are increasingly pushed to be faster, smarter, well-rounded little humans, creative classes such as dance can take a back seat in their jam-packed schedule.

But is this increased focus on academia versus a balance with the arts really good for our children? Or are there unseen benefits to a weekly dance class that will enhance your child’s performance outside of the dance studio?

Children move naturally. They move to achieve mobility, they move to express a thought or feeling, and they move because it is joyful and feels wonderful. When their movement becomes consciously structured and is performed with awareness for its own sake, it becomes dance.

While our educational systems for childhood include drawing and singing, they often neglect to include dance, in turn neglecting the wide-ranging benefits and unique learning opportunities dance training has to offer.


The physical benefits of dance are widely accepted, but the emotional, social, and cognitive attributes have only recently begun to be appreciated:

Physical development

Dance involves a greater range of motion, coordination, strength, and endurance than most other physical activities. It is often considered as a sport as well as an art form.

Emotional Maturity

Dance promotes psychological health and maturity. Children enjoy expressing their emotions and becoming aware of themselves and others through creative movement, and structured and unstructured movement within a class offers an outlet for physical release.

Social awareness

Dance fosters social encounters, interactions, and cooperation, as children quickly learn to work within a group dynamic. As the ongoing and sometimes challenging process of cooperation evolves, children learn to understand themselves in relation to others.

So to answer the question, “Should I enrol my child in a dance class?” the answer is “Yes!” A fun, engaging class that is structured to develop not just physical but social and cognitive aspects is most definitely a worthwhile addition to your child’s life.

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