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Meet our alumni – Harrison Saunders

For 21 years, our award-winning programme has been the pioneer of creative arts education in Hong Kong. As parents and educators, we know that creative thinking and problem solving are critical to children's overall development, we're proud of our students' achievements. Over 60,000 students have passed through our doors, with our alumni now studying at prestigious universities or working in a wide range of fields worldwide.

Featured Alumni – Harrison Saunders

I always remember Kids’ Gallery as a safe space where a group of kids from around the world could learn, perform, and discover the fun of being on stage. I've wanted to be an actor for as long as I can remember and Kids’ Gallery was the perfect way to open up the world of art and creativity. I did acting as well as painting and sketching classes – Mum still has a framed one up on the wall! I moved back to Sydney in 2009 and immediately was picked up by T&E Management who were impressed with the range of stage work and performances I had been in while living in Hong Kong. Since then it's been 8 years working in TV commercials, kids shows, stage performances, a TV drama series and, just this month, my first feature film is being released called My Pet Dinosaur! I never could have gotten here without the kickstart that Kids’ Gallery gave me! I'm currently studying Theatre & Performance at the University of Sydney, I play on a Quidditch Team (yes, Harry Potter magic is real!) and I'm involved in stage plays with the Sydney University Drama Society, and looking forward to the next movie!